Judge John M. Harris

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Candidate Background

Judicial experience


Retired or Appointed Elsewhere


Expected Retirement

2018 - present

Judge, 5th District Court of Appeal. Appointed by Governor Rick Scott. Won the retention vote in 2020 (72.9%).

2006 - 2018

Judge, 18th Judicial Circuit Court. Appointed by Governor Jeb Bush.* He ran unopposed in 2014 and 2008.


County Judge, Brevard County. Appointed by Governor Jeb Bush.*

* Appointed instead of running for election because of a vacancy between election cycles.

legal experience

Before he became a judge, Harris had about 11 years of experience as an attorney. In that time, he argued 100 non-jury trials and 300 cases for administrative bodies (government agencies). He focused on business and commercial litigation, including employee disputes, evictions, collections, and asset/business acquisition. Other civil specializations include estate planning, insurance law, construction law, governmental and family law. He also represented his clients in an appeal, if needed.

political experience

other relevant tidbits

This judge is a member of the Federalist Society.

This judge is a textualist, who uses an interpretation of the Constitution that is advocated by the Federalist Society.

In 1997 he was an adjunct professor at UCF, teaching a course in legal research. He is also a Florida Supreme Court Certified Judicial Mentor.

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