Justice Renatha S. Francis

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Candidate Background

Judicial experience


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2022 - present

Justice, Florida Supreme Court. Appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis.

2019 - 2022

Judge, 15th Judicial Circuit Court. Appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis.*

2018 - 2019

Circuit Judge, 11th Judicial Circuit Court. Appointed by Governor Rick Scott.*

2017 - 2018

County Judge, Miami-Dade County. Appointed by Governor Rick Scott.*

* Appointed instead of running for election because of a vacancy between election cycles.

legal experience

Before she became a judge, Francis. spent 8 months as Of Counsel at a law firm. In that role she worked on Class Action and Mass Litigation. She represented large insurance providers, as well as a Fortune 500 company in commercial foreclosure litigation. She never tried a case to completion.

Before that, she clerked for 6 years for the Florida 1st District Court of Appeal. She spent the first year assigned to an individual judge, but the remaining time she was assigned to the court as a whole. In these positions, she would review, summarize, research, and analyze to provide legal advice.

political experience

other relevant tidbits

This judge is a member of the Federalist Society.

This judge is a textualist, who uses an interpretation of the Constitution that is advocated by the Federalist Society.

Before starting her legal career, she was a business owner in her home country of Jamaica (1998-2003).

In 2020, Governor DeSantis also tried to appoint her to the Florida Supreme Court, but was unsuccessful after it was challenged in court. The Florida Constitution requires appellate judges to have been members of the Bar for 10 years, and she did not meet that requirement.

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