Erik Swenk


Seminole County Judge, Group 5

Seminole County

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Erik Swenk has about 8 years of legal experience, although not all of it was as an attorney.

He began his career in private practice as a solo practitioner in 2014. He worked in real estate foreclosures and creditor's rights claims. After about 2 years, he became a Hearing Officer for the Florida's Department of Children and Families Inspector General’s Office. He spent 3 years in this quasi-judicial role, presiding over administrative public assistance hearings and deciding their outcomes. Most of the hearings involve people that do not have a lawyer representing them. In 2019, he began to supervise four Hearing Officers.

Erik graduated law school in 2007 intending to build a real estate investment partnership. When the real estate market collapsed, he attended a police academy. Ultimately, he was unable to become a police officer, because as a teen he struggled with substance abuse and ended up before a judge. He passed the bar in 2014, before starting his legal career.

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Seminole County Judge, Group 5