Seminole County Judge, Group 6

June 27, 2020
Wayne Culver vs Jessica Damoth
Seminole County
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About this Court Position

General Information

The race for Orange County Judge, Group 6 has two lawyers competing for the seat. There is no incumbent defending this seat.

Wayne Culver - Winner (54%)

Endorsed by the Orlando Sentinel

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Wayne Culver is currently a public defender. He also has experience in private practice and as an assistant prosecutor. When he was a prosecutor, the plea deals he offered were not better than going to trial, because he believes it is a constitutional right to go to trial. He says his varied experience will be an asset when he is judge. It will allow him to understand the points of view of the prosecutor, the defense, and the client. He believes he would be fair, follow the rules, and remain neutral. He says he is dedicated to serving the community. He sees selective enforcement of the law as a shortcoming in the justice system.

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Jessica Damoth

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Jessica Damoth is a criminal defense attorney. She also had brief employment as a prosecutor. She believes her empathy toward citizens appearing in court for the first time would be an asset. She is determined to be fair and balance the need to keep cases moving while allowing time for cases to resolve if they can. She says wants to keep the courtroom calm, fair, and compassionate, rather than be a judge who loses their temper or is unclear. When asked about a shortcoming in the justice system, she pointed to difficulties connecting people with resources, like lawyers. She notes that the caseload is very high, especially for the public defender's office.

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September 5, 2020

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